Our benefits

  • Every accomplished implementation is confirmed with a client’s recommendation letter, we can also deliver reference-visits or phone calls upon request
  • We are able to accomplish projects of substantial development volume employing only our own staff
  • Maximum implementation effect is achieved due to 1C programmers and business-consultants’ team work
  • Our practice is built upon principles characteristic of leading systems, such as SAP and ORACLE; we use modern management approaches — PM Book, Jira, Scrum

The service includes:

1C-based automation

Companies often have to cooperate with two different organizations to optimize their business-processes: with a consulting company which will develop methodology for them, and with an IT-company which will implement it.

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This approach has some disadvantages. Consulting companies most of the times do not have a comprehensive idea of 1C capabilities, and software companies may lack strong competencies related to business-processes optimization. Furthermore, the client has to pay both companies for their services without having one and only responsible for the result.

We offer a complex approach: we develop the methodology and we implement it in 1C.

We implement 1C-based automation systems in the following enterprises and spheres:

  • Automation in commercial enterprises
  • Automation in manufacturing enterprises
  • Automation in insurance companies
  • Automation in banks and credit organizations
  • Treasury automation
  • Budgeting
  • Management accounting
  • Document management automation
  • Complex automation based on 1C ERP
  • Automation of client relationship management and sales

1C support (ITS)

1C-based automation affords wide possibilities related to business-processes management in a company. At the same time, the support of implemented systems is an aspect of no less concern.

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No system can guarantee you a good result if it’s being used incorrectly and is not being developed. The automated system requires regular maintenance and control in the same manner as a car needs a mileage inspection and malfunction repair.

IAS provides the following services regarding 1C support:

  • system setup and development;
  • standard and non-standard software update;
  • data transfer from and to 1C;
  • user instructions development;
  • analysis of correct records keeping in programs;
  • 1C programs’ maintenance and prevention measures;
  • the “Your IT-administrator” service;
  • 1C IT-support (ITS);
  • the “1C-Reporting” service;
  • the synchronization of the web-site with “1C:Enterprise 8” programs.

Our IT-specialists can also provide consultations with regard to specific features of
1C system functioning, the adjustment of differences and the optimization of its work.

Selling 1C products

You can purchase 1C products from us.

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Regulatory reporting:

  • 1С:Accounting CORP
  • 1С:Payroll and HR 8
  • 1С:Payroll and HR 8 CORP
  • 1С:Simplified tax system 8 – Simplified tax system accounting
  • 1С:Entrepreneur 8
  • 1С:Accounting 8 Baseline
  • 1С:Taxpayer 8
  • 1С:Insurance company 8 CORP

Complex products:

  • 1С:Manufacturing enterprise management (MEM) 8
  • 1С:ERP Enterprise management 2
  • 1С:Complex automation 8
  • 1С:Document work flow (EDMS) 8 - 1С: Enterprise 8
  • 1С:application solutions package for 5 users

Sales and inventory record taking:

  • 1С:Trade management
  • 1С:Retail 8

Management accounting:

  • 1С:Small business management
  • 1С:Consolidation 8
  • 1С:Corporate finance management
  • 1С:Enterprise 8: 1С Management 8 Standard


  • 1C and Microsoft conjoint products
  • 1C:Enterprise 8 licenses

Industry-specific and customized solutions

We offer both off-the-shelf and industry specific 1C based products.

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1. Off-the-shelf products:
1С:ERP Enterprise management 2
1С:Manufacturing enterprise management, release 1.3
2. Industry-specific and customized products:
1С:ERP+PM Project entity management 2 1С:Fish processing
Module 1C:PM Project management for 1С:ERP 1С:Construction organization management
1С:ERP Agribusiness 2 1С:Spirit production
1С:ERP Construction organization management 2 1С:MRO Equipment maintenance management
Module 1С:Rental lease and property management for ERP 1С:Water utility management
1С:MRO Equipment maintenance management 2 CORP 1С:Concrete goods plant
Module 1С:Motor transport management for 1С:ERP 1С:Metallurgical plant management
1С:MES Operations management 1С:Flower and cereals production management
1С:PDM Engineering data management 1С:Waste and recyclable materials processing management
Module 1С: Rental lease and property management for 1С:MEM 1С:Housing and community amenities management
1С:Development and property management 1С:Project entity management
1С:Mining industry. Quarry management 1С:Manufacturing enterprise management /1C:ERP English Interface
1С:Timber mill 1С:Poultry factory management
1С:Liqueur and spirits and wine factory 1С:Repair provider management
1С:Milk factory 1С:Agricultural enterprise management
1С:МТО Procurement 1С:Heat distribution network management
1С:Meat processing factory 1С:Transport enterprise management
1С:Beer and soft drinks production facility 1С:Pharmaceutical production
1С:Printing production 1С:Bakery and candy production
1С:Process production. Chemicals 1С:Power industry. Grid distribution company management
1С:Real estate agent. Property sales management. PROF

Our certificates


BCG “Informauditservice” holds the following positions in the RAEX rankings:

No. 6
Major accounting functions outsourcing groups and companies
No. 10
BCG “Informauditservice” is a member of Russell Bedford International, a global network of independent accounting and consulting firms, which unifies some 600 partners, 5000 consultants and auditors and 290 cities in more than 100 countries of the world.