The advantages
of outsourcing services

Nowadays, it is becoming more and more popular in Russia to pass accounting and tax reporting processes on to specialized outsourcing companies or individuals providing bookkeeping services. Here are some benefits which companies get when turning to outsourced vendors:

Client databases protection
We use a protected
IT-infrastructure and regularly perform data back-up at geographically dispersed servers.
250 accountants
Ensure that the records are kept uninterruptedly and are not dependent on annual or sick leaves, dismissals or other factors.
Clients can be sure that their personal and commercial information is safeguarded not only under the terms of agreement, but also due to the inability to discuss other employees’ salaries during an informal coffee break.
Access to expanded consulting services
In case of methodological issues our accountants can get professional help of auditors, lawyers, 1C specialists, financial consultants.
of clients recommend
"Informauditservice" as an outsourced accounting services provider.
Corporate cashback
“Pervouralskbank” clients can employ IAS services free of charge. There is a system of corporate services within the IAS group.

Accounting services from "Informauditservice"

We have been providing accounting services since 1992 and are one of the first companies in Moscow to offer accounting outsourcing. Presently, we render accounting services to small and medium-sized businesses in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tver, Yekaterinburg and Pervouralsk. We offer proven technology, highly qualified specialists, and strong experience in keeping accounting records in companies of different industries.

In addition to accounting outsourcing, we will be happy to offer you auditing and legal services.

Complete accounting services

Who is interested in receiving the service?

The complete accounting services may be of interest for companies with a maximum of 250 employees.

What are the benefits?

This service enables continuous and high quality accounting processes. Moreover, IAS is fully financially liable for correct and timely maintenance of accounting records.

What do we offer?

Our specialists take the responsibility for the full range of bookkeeping operations which include:

  • the processing of source documents;
  • the forming of accounting entries;
  • the closing of accounting periods;
  • the preparation and filing of regulatory and management statements;
  • the interaction with regulatory authorities, auditors and contractors;
  • the setting up and support of 1C-based systems;
  • the methodological and legal support of bookkeeping and tax reporting processes.

Depending on the requirements of your business, we can provide our complete accounting services entirely remotely or on the terms when IAS accountants periodically visit the client’s office.

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The chief accountant function

Who is interested in receiving the service?

This service will be of interest for companies with 250 to 500 employees or, in certain cases, with less number of people.

How is the service provided?

This is how we distribute the fulfillments of bookkeeping and tax reporting tasks between the client and IAS specialists:

The client is responsible for:

  • the keeping of source documents;
  • the interaction with contractors;
  • the fulfillment of administrative operations which do not require high competency level (office assistants can handle them);

"Informauditservice" is responsible for:

  • the closing of the month, including quality control over the work of client’s employees;
  • the preparation and filing of regulatory reports;
  • the interaction with regulatory authorities and auditors;
  • the preparation of managements statements;
  • the preparation of recommendations with regard to tax optimization, software modification, and consultations regarding other issues.

What are the benefits?

By ordering this service, clients can be assured of not only gaining access to highly professional resources but also of receiving quality bookkeeping services in a timely manner. The source documents will also be processed in due manner by our employee with lower qualification and thus at a lower cost.

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Temporary accounting services:

Keeping records of mutual settlements with contractors

Who is interested in receiving the service?

In the first turn, this service will be of interest for companies with more than 20 contractors or state-financed organizations.

How is the service provided?

We use methods developed in our company which allow for correct accounting for mutual settlements with contractors (vendors, buyers). The following factors are taken into account:

  • industry specific features of a contractor;
  • contractor’s profile;
  • account management principles;
  • contractor’s approach to receivables and payables management;
  • current legislative norms;
  • requirements for keeping records of transactions.

In addition, we will be happy to help you with choosing the settlements scheme which meets the requirements of your business best.

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Processing advance reports

Who is interested in receiving the service?

The advance reports processing service can be of interest for companies where the number of advance reports is over 50 per month.

What do we offer?

The list of major advance reports processing services we provide to our clients includes:

  • preparation of advance reports based on documents confirming incurred expenses;
  • verification of whether advance reports comply with the expense rules of a client company and with the legislation requirements regarding payments documents layout;
  • examination of whether respective supporting documents are present;
  • transfer of advance reports data in order to calculate salaries and withhold personal income tax;
  • setting up of advance reports payments and deductions for their further transfer to the client’s accounting system.

We can fulfill both the full circle of documents processing and separate functions which require independent and professional valuation.

How is the service provided?

When providing the advance reports processing service, we can use either separate modules in various software, e.g. in 1C, or solutions of such popular software companies as Hamilton Data Services or Concur. In the later case, the software if provided under the Software as a Service (SaaS) model and does not require large financial investments or changes in the already used IT-infrastructure.

Our interaction with clients is carried out by means of a specially designed web-portal where electronic copies of all necessary documents are kept and a stage by stage coordination of advance reports is carried out. As agreed with the client, access to the web-portal is provided either to all employees or to certain responsible representatives of the accounting department.

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IFRS statements

Who is interested in receiving the service?

The preparation of IFRS statements is necessary for companies planning to enter international financial markets. Moreover, all Russian banks and insurance companies are now obliged to file IFRS statements together with RAS statements. In addition to this, companies listed on Russian stock exchanges are to file consolidated statements in accordance with IFRS.

Companies with IFRS statements are considered to be more trustworthy by present and future clients, investors, and partners. This fact also shows the company’s intention to develop its business.

What do we offer?

We offer our clients:

  • preparation of IFRS statements;
  • conversion of RAS statements into IFRS statements;
  • parallel preparation of IFRS and RAS statements.

How is the service provided?

We can prepare IFRS statements in the client’s IT-infrastructure regardless of the installed software as well as with the use of our 1C-based software.

Our specialists

Our specialists have work experience in major international auditing and consulting companies. They also acquire internationals certificates such as ACCA, DipIFR, CIМA, etc., confirming their high professional qualifications.

We speak one language with our clients

Thanks to fact that there are two professional participants of the securities market (a bank and a factoring company) in the IAS group, we know the specifics of functioning of this sector and can speak one language with our clients while dealing with IFRS issues.

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Bookkeeping services for state-financed organizations

Specific accounting features in state-financed organizations

Keeping accounting records in state-financed organizations (and also in public and autonomous organizations) is characterized by some specific features determined by legislation. In particular, they are:

  • industry-specific accounting;
  • the necessity to keep records in accordance with budget classification entries;
  • drawing up cash and actual costs in the records;
  • control over the execution of estimates of costs.

When working with state-financed organizations, special attention should be given to control over compliance of all processes with the legislation requirements. Nowadays, in the context of political housecleaning and increased control over spending budgetary funds, the tax authorities impose very strict requirements on state-financed organizations. In this situation outsourced bookkeeping services seem to be a very effective solution for directors of respective institutions.

What do we offer?

IAS professionals will be happy to provide state-financed organizations with the following services:

  • Processing incoming bookkeeping source documents
  • Preparing outgoing bookkeeping documentation
  • Keeping all 1C operations
  • Preparing and filing reports to the regulatory authorities
  • Keeping accounts receivable and accounts receivable
  • Interaction with banks and keeping records of banking transactions
  • Keeping records of settlements with reporting persons
  • Keeping records of cash transactions
  • Accounting for fixed assets
  • Accounting for tangible assets
  • Bookkeeping and tax reporting
  • Payroll
  • Other bookkeeping and economic and planning activities
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Additional services

Within the complex accounting outsourcing we are also ready to provide the following additional services.

Keeping record of separate accounting areas:

  • Preparation and filing of zero balance accounting
  • Preparation and filing of quarterly accounting reports
  • Taking and filing inventory

Check and reconstruction of accounts:

  • Preparation for a tax inspection
  • Preparation for a credit provision from a bank/participation in tender
  • Attraction of investments/business for sale
  • Bookkeeping optimization
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HR management and payroll outsourcing

Nowadays, the legislation in the sphere of HR management is being changed and amended. This is one of the reasons why many companies tend to pass their HR records keeping and payroll functions to specialized outsourced bookkeeping companies.

Depending on its size, a company can outsource either the complete HR management function (on the turnkey basis) or separate areas of the HR management and payroll function. Our professionals are ready to conduct an HR audit and to analyze accounting processes in order to prepare the best value for money proposal.

Currently, IAS services more than 300 clients from different industries providing HR management and payroll services to them.


According to the statistics, over 70% of the amount of business accrues to salaries and wages.

Who is interested in the service?

The payroll processing services will be of interest for organizations of 90 to 4000 staff employees.

What do we offer?

Within payroll services we offer to our clients:

  • full technical support;
  • full methodological support;
  • modification of the payroll calculation management process taking into account clients’ particular qualities;
  • web-based interface and a mobile application.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of our payroll processing services:

  • calculation of advance and main part of the salary;
  • implementing interim settlements (annual leaves, dismissals, business trips);
  • tax and social payments calculations;
  • other payments and retentions calculations;
  • preparation and filing of regulatory reporting to the tax authorities and the RF Pension Fund;
  • support of tax inspections;
  • preparation of management reporting with regard to payroll calculation, of certificates and of other documents.

How is the service provided?

The payroll managements is carried out based on the off-the-shelf 1C product. It can involve either client’s software or our software. If the client decides to manage the payroll process himself, we will adjust our services to the client’s software version. We can also suggest a variant where the IAS payroll accountant is working in the client’s office throughout the whole project.

We as well provide the personal account (self-service) service to client’s employees. We believe that the opportunity to see one’s own pay slip or the number of annual vacation days left on-line will increase the employer’s attraction and optimize company’s expenditures on accountants.

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IT outsourcing services

Any IT-infrastructure needs to be constantly monitored and controlled. It can be controlled either by a specialist who works in the office or by a distant employee. Distant services provide for a wider range of possibilities as clients have access to the whole knowledge database of the outsourcing company and to the accumulated experience of its specialists. When receiving services distantly, issues are dealt with via a remote desktop.

IT support in the office

One of the IT-specialists’ major task is to customize and adjust the client’s
IT-infrastructure for it to function properly as a closed loop system, and any issues that arise can be settled remotely.

Our specialist will settle the following issues in your office:

  • software updates;
  • software installation;
  • workstation setup, etc.

Consequently, the client receives a steadily functioning system and can minimize costs on having in-house IT-specialists.

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Interactive remote technical support

There are certain IT-support tasks that do not require to be physically present in the office – they can be settled throughout phone consultations, remote helpdesks and other instruments.

In the framework of the remote IT-support, the client grants to outsourced specialists access to its computers via specialized software solutions. All confidential data remains protected, the responsibility of parties is additionally stated in the agreement.

We are ready to provide remote support of your IT-infrastructure which will ensure its proper functioning and will decrease costs n its maintenance.

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Audit and modernization of the IT-infrastructure

The IT-infrastructure audit helps to examine major design principles of the IT-system, software and technology solutions being used, to analyze the network architecture, program settings, and other issues.

After the analysis being fulfilled, we can offer solutions to modernize your
IT-infrastructure which will result in the IT-system processing speed and optimization.

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Development and realization of IT-projects

Effective work of any company depends on the degree of its automation and the use of software supporting its business-processes. Due to the fact that the new software deployment or the modernization of the already existent infrastructure requires the company’s resource mobilization and demands high qualification of IT-specialists, the development and realization of IT-projects in-house is not always the best solution – both from the quality and costs points of view.

IAS specialists have vast experience in developing and realizing IT-projects, including products implementation, IT-infrastructure modernization, and business-processes automation, and are ready to implement projects of any degree of complexity.

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