Methodology and implementation

Our company provides a unified process of developing methodological solutions and implementing them in IT-products of clients’ choice. The team of our methodologists and
IT-specialists design and implement the most appropriate IT-infrastructure which conforms with your company profile. Thus you can expect an increase in the company’s operational efficiency resulting from cutting costs on non-core functions, increased workforce productivity and cost saving.

The service includes

Increase of operational efficiency

Operational efficiency – an increase in product or service quality while cost cutting, i.e. efficient use of company’s internal resources – is an important component of a dynamic development of the company process in the context of expanded competition.

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Operational efficiency delivers acceptable results even when market is falling.

Works related to increasing operational efficiency will affect such aspects as business-processes optimization, the set up of budgeting and management accounting systems, the perfection of operating activities management procedures, the implementation of accounting and control systems.

What do we offer?

We perform a complex diagnostics of company’s business-processes, after which we develop recommendations to improve the company’s activity and eliminate problematic issues.

The procedure for increasing operational efficiency includes:

  • diagnostics of company’s business-processes;
  • analysis of company’s corporate regulations;
  • analysis and estimation of financial and management reporting, statistical information related to the issue;
  • preparation of recommendations to increase operational efficiency;
  • estimation of potential benefits from the proposed measures.

Time frame

The project time frame varies from 2 to 6 months depending on the goals to be achieved.

The result

Following the results of the project, we provide clients with detailed documents – schemes, schedules, analytical documents, regulations, financial models, etc. – which in particular include recommendations for top-management and shareholders of the company to increase its efficiency.

If necessary, we are ready to train client’s staff to correctly employ materials developed for the company.

Often, clients start to implement our recommendations in the course of the project, thus first results can be seen quite soon.

Finance consulting

Finance consulting involves a vast field of issues whose common task is to increase company’s efficiency via optimizing its finances.

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What do we offer?

We estimate the quality of bookkeeping records, calculate and analyze KPIs, estimate company’s development perspectives and its potential to business expansion.

Our specialists will:

  • estimate the current status of the financial function and prepare recommendations to improve the situation;
  • run diagnostics of financial service processes and develop target organizational and IT-structures;
  • develop the planning and budgeting systems;
  • analyze and develop the risk management system in the company;
  • run diagnostics and improve the management of the inventory system, the accounts receivable and accounts payable system, and the management reporting system;
  • develop the strategy and business plan;
  • develop the KPI system.

Time frame

The project time frame depends on the complexity of goals to achieve. The average timing of a project is from 2 weeks to several months with from 2 to 10 specialists involved.

The result

After the project is completed, the client receives recommendations relate to the management of financial processes and detailed reporting documents.

Examples of our standard projects

  • Assessment of accounting or financial function efficiency. Within the framework of this project we analyze business-processes in the financial sphere, assess the efficiency of information exchange system between the business-functions and the level of automation, provide recommendations regarding their improvement.
  • The set up and optimization of budgeting processes. Projects of this type include: the creation of a financial structure, the development of budgeting regulations, the creation of a financial budgetary model, the development of budgetary forms generation algorithms, the provision of trainings to the company staff with regard to the work with the new forms.
  • The KPI system construction. Our specialists develop the KPI system, compose metrics, integrate performance indicators into the motivation and budgeting system.
  • The set up of the management accounting system. This includes the creation of a unified informational basis – a complex analytics system of the chart of accounts for bookkeeping.
  • The development of the chart of accounts for bookkeeping and records management, including the model building for transactional interaction based on the business transactions and analytics journal.
  • The calculation of economic feasibility with regard to the creation of a shared service center and taking a decision to outsource bookkeeping and other processes.
  • The choosing of an IT-solution including work with vendors and the formation of an analytical comparison report.

Increase of the IT-function efficiency

The IT-infrastructure which is appropriately organized makes the business-processes management handy and enables the staff optimization through the fulfillment of most tasks in automatic mode. Moreover, the increase of the IT-function efficiency and the improvement of already existing systems lead to the business-processes optimization in general and the enhancement in company’s profits and value.

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What do we offer?

The improvement of the IT-function includes:

  • IT-infrastructure diagnostics;
  • revalidation of installed software programs;
  • recommendations with regard to the upgrade of software programs to more perspective and matching programs;
  • optimization of the informational system architecture;
  • estimation of potential benefits from the implementation of proposed measures.

Time frame

As a rule, the completion of separate tasks may require from 1 to 2 weeks. Complex tasks which need a more detailed elaboration will need from 2 to 4 months of work.

The result

We will set up a reliable and high-performance IT-system for you which is capable of solving your business issues to the full.

Our advantages

  • We know how different IT-systems interact and what their specifics are.
  • We have a vast experience of IT-solutions implementation.
  • We have a vast experience of working with 1C, we have our own specialists in
    1C products.

Tax and accounting consulting

Our specialists in tax and accounting consulting and tax audit have a wide experience in keeping and examining tax records and in improving tax accounting, they always keep track of changes and amendments in the RF tax legislation. We are ready to assist you in both dealing with separate tax issues and in carrying out a full diagnostics of the tax accounting system in your company.

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What do we offer?

We offer the following tax consulting services:

  • estimation of tax risks;
  • tax optimization;
  • VAT recovery;
  • support during tax inspections;
  • out-of-court tax disputes resolution;
  • protection of client’s interests in court;
  • preparation of mandatory provisions and policies;
  • other tax consulting issues.

Accounting consulting services:

  • cutting bookkeeping costs;
  • increasing accounting processes efficiency.

Time frame

The timing of our tax and accounting consulting projects depend on a particular task and on the size and profile of a company. In most cases, separate tasks can be solved within 1 to 2 weeks, bigger complex projects will require from 1 to 3 months.

The result

The client gets a task solution in the sphere of tax optimization, elaborated and detailed reporting documents, correct calculation of all taxes, and recommendations with regard to keeping tax records.

Business trainings

We can offer our clients a number of trainings held by our senior methodologists.

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IAS experts are ready to hold trainings realted to the following issues:

  • transfer to the unified chart of accounts for NBFIs and standards of keeping bookkeeping records;
  • IFRS;
  • industry specific regulation of financial market participants;
  • RF Central Bank and Federal Service for Fiscal Monitoring mandatory requirements for market participants;
  • accounting for NBFI basic transactions;
  • financial modeling in MS Excel.

Our certificates


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