Our advantages:

  • We have been operating on the market of valuation services and M&A services since 2009
  • Projects are led by our experts with work experience in leading banks and investment
  • Deals can be structured via our bank.
    We guarantee a 100% transaction transparency
  • We ensure that clients’ information is treated in a confidential manner

The service includes

S&M transactions support, due diligence

We provide services with regard to transaction completion on a turnkey basis; we as well support certain works relating to the settlement of transactions together with other teams of specialists.

What do we offer?

  • We select an appropriate organization which meets the requirements of a customer-buyer (geographical location, license type, capital stock, asset quality, supervisory risk).
  • We perform due diligence: the team of auditors and industry experts perform a full-scope inspection of an organization, assessing supervisory and business-risks as well as business efficiency of the target company. The final purpose of this inspection is to mitigate risks and reticence that may occur in course of transaction. Due diligence results often make it possible to set the total price of the transaction.
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  • We obtain the RF Central Bank agreement for the purchase of a credit organization: we prepare the documentation required to agree the purchase of a share exceeding 10% for credit organizations; as far as insurance companies are concerned, in certain cases we prepare documents to obtain an agreement from RF Federal Anti-Monopoly Service.
  • We close deals, work with the registrar: depending on the form of the target company’s incorporation, we perform a set of legal actions related to share title transfer. Our aim is to ensure and guarantee interests of both purchaser and vendor. Our support is full-scoped and includes the performance of settlements through our banking organization.

Additional services

  • Legal support of legal entities’ reorganizations in the form of reconstruction, separation, division, M&A.
  • Legal support of securities issue including the preparation of the placement memorandum and its coordination with the regulatory authorities.
  • Receipt and surrender of licenses.
  • Development of legal framework for subordinated loans and deposits.
  • Getting the approval for authorized persons in a position in accordance with the RF Central Bank requirements.

Time frame

The average time period for a turnkey transaction is from one to 6 months. Within this period, we will:

  • select a purchaser/seller;
  • perform a due diligence of a target company including detailed risk assessment;
  • hold price negotiations;
  • process all necessary legal transaction documents;
  • perform the transition of operations management.

Cost of services

The cost of services depends on the volume and role of consultants engaged in the transaction. Generally, the cost formula is as follows: fixed price + contingency fee paid only in case of a successful transaction.


Our major clients within the framework of this service are investors intending to purchase a credit or insurance or real sector company.

We performed turnkey purchase transactions of:

  • 14 banks
  • 9 insurance companies
  • over 50 other organizations
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Business valuation

Our specialists perform business valuation in compliance with the federal standards of valuation activities.

What do we offer?

We are ready to fulfill the following types of valuation:

  • valuation of plots of land;
  • real estate valuation;
  • equipment valuation;
  • business valuation;
  • other assets valuation.

How do we perform valuation?

Our specialists perform business valuation in compliance with the federal standards of valuation activities. We apply income, cost or comparable approaches in our valuation projects.

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Time frame

Singular tasks generally take from one to two weeks. Complex tasks which require an in-depth development will need from 2 to 4 months’ work.

On average, residential property valuation projects may take several days, business valuation projects – up to one month.


Among our major valuation clients are: banks, insurance companies, pledgers, mortgage loan receivers.

Valuation experience:

  • over 100 business valuation projects;
  • over 547 pieces of property assessed;
  • over 5 intangible assets valuation projects.

Our certificates


BCG “Informauditservice” holds the following positions in the RAEX rankings:

No. 4
No. 7
valuation and cost efficiency consulting
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